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Kuban Coffee Roaster manufactured by Kuban Machine Industry. KBN1004 is made of stainless steel sheet metal and best choice to satisfy the demands of coffee shops.

The coffee roaster with a capacity from 100 gr to maximum 600 gr. green coffee beans per batch. Output can vary from 4 to 5 batch depending on coffee bean type and desired roasting degree.

Green coffee beans are filled from load hopper situated top side of the roaster. On digital control panel, the resistance temprature and coffee roaster drum can be controlled.

Green Coffee Bean Roaster produced by Kuban Machine Industry are full-compatible for health legislations of all countries.

We are able to modify our products according to your requests. For your special orders and further assistance, please contact us.


Quick Details
  Brand Name:   KUBAN          
  Model Number:   KBN1004
  Type:   Green Coffee Roaster
  Housing Material:   Stainless Metal Sheet
  Hopper   Load Hopper
  Control:   Digital Control Panel                                            
     Roast Sample Taker Spoon
     Husk Collector
  Output:   150 gr - 600 gr
  Capacity:   Max 5 KG/Hour
  Batch:   4 Batches
  Engine Power(W):   180 W
  Resistance Power (W):   3500 W
  Voltage(V)   220V (Can be adaptable)
  Color:   Golden and Red
  Type:   Commercial - Coffee Shop                       
  Case Size:   700x1080x430 MM
  Weight:   50 KG




1-) When would my order be arrived?

We also serve you support for transportation in the framework of high-qualified and safety shipment principles.

2-) How do you pack my product for safe transportation?
Your order would be meticulously packed in strong box against every external factors that may damage. Due to every contrary situation, our shipments would be insured according to your wish. By the conscious of yours value, we would offer you support in every freight process as well.

3-) Which products are included in warranty? 
Our grinders are included warranty for 24 months in domestic market. There is no over-sea guarantee

4-) In which situations would the product be out of warranty?
We supply warranty only for coffee grinders. 
-Trying to re-grind output grinded material. 
-Liquid damages
-Trying to grind except of coffee beans

5-) Can I obtain spare parts?
We also supply spare parts of our products. In addition, in order to your demand; we can also support you by visually to change them by yourself easily.

6-) Which payment methods do you accept?
You can make payment via mail order, money order or swift.