Industrial Coffee Grinder


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The grinder was made to satisfy the demand for effectiveness and efficiency requirements thanks to high-engine power and 120mm steel wheels in the field of grinded coffee beans. The grinder can be used in both commercial and industrial matters. Since there is no residue left inside the machine, the taste of different coffee beans never interfere with others.

Coffee beans must be filled in plexiglass hopper. Quantity of coffee beans is determined by the knob exists on left side of the grinder. Desired output thickness can be adjusted through handle situated on front panel.

All types of coffee beans and spices can be easly grinded.



Blade: Steel Flat Wheel

Weight: 65 Kg

Engine Power: 2.2 Kw / 220 V

  • Case Size: 34x45x92 cm



Coffee: Thin grind 90 kg / hour

Espresso: 120 kg / hour

Black Pepper: Fine grind 100 kg / hour

                         Thick grind 120 kg / hour

Sesame seed,Peanut,Poppy seed,Rice,Lentils:90-100  kg / hour

Every Mahlkonig grinder immediately gives the impression of professionalism. Easy to clean and operate, its life is dedicated to preserving the fine aroma of your valuable coffee.

Toper industrial grinders are engineered and manufactured with high technology and superior quality components for high-grade grinding. Besides coffee beans, they grind all wheat and spices with high performance. Many well-known food brands and laboratories prefer Toper grinders for their premium grinding quality.