Coffee Bean Dispenser


Product Code

Coffee Bean Dispenser manufactured in stainless chrome metal sheet frame and its internal surface is polished.

The product is design to exhibit and preserve coffee beans. Under favour of its damp-proof structure, coffee beans remain fresh. Coffee beans are filled from upper side of the silos and can be got by turning the knob situated on front line.

Therefore, the product is ideal solution for displaying different types of coffee beans in coffee shops, supermarkets, restaurants and points of sale. Fitting all types of shelves with its rectangular design. The product is easy-to-install, easy-to-use and keep the beans in premium quality conditions. 

Rectangular silos are preferred for storing all kinds of granular food like nuts as well as coffee beans.Kuban silos fully comply with food regulations of various countries and can be produced according to your request.



H: 39 CM

W: 19 CM

D: 28 CM


If making your coffee or tea shop stand out in today's market is your first priority, you need a combination of unique style, impeccable service and memorable design. Rosseto Serving Solutions' line of high-quality loose tea coffee bean dispensers is the pinnacle of form meeting function. Commercial-grade acrylic containers keep your products fresh, sealing in the delicious aromas of whatever coffee beans and tea leaves you put in. Stainless steel frames and bases provide unparalleled support for your containers. Polished steel dispensary nozzles deliver precise measurements with ease and completely eliminate unnecessary cleanup. You can provide serving sizes from an ounce to a few pounds with just a few turns of a knob.