Cylindrical Coffee Bean Silo With Chrome Cover


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The cylindrical coffee bean dispenser is design for displaying and preserving coffee beans as well as granular foods. Hopper of the product is made of plexiglass, its cover and spigot part is chrome plated. Under favour of its damp-proof structure, coffee beans remain fresh.

Coffee beans are easyl filled into plexiglass hopper and can be picked up by turning the spigot. Moreover, the product is wall-mounted to obtain both visual beauty and exhibition.






Diameter: 15 cm

Height: 70 cm

Capacity: 4 kg

If making your coffee or tea shop stand out in today's market is your first priority, you need a combination of unique style, impeccable service and memorable design. Rosseto Serving Solutions' line of high-quality loose tea coffee bean dispensers is the pinnacle of form meeting function. Commercial-grade acrylic containers keep your products fresh, sealing in the delicious aromas of whatever coffee beans and tea leaves you put in. Stainless steel frames and bases provide unparalleled support for your containers. Polished steel dispensary nozzles deliver precise measurements with ease and completely eliminate unnecessary cleanup. You can provide serving sizes from an ounce to a few pounds with just a few turns of a knob