Coffee Grinder


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KM03 is produced to satisfy the demand for both industrial and commercial purposes. The most significant specification of the grinder is grinding different types of coffee beans at the same time. Once the grinder is operated, pre-weighed coffee beans are filled into plexiglass hopper. Therefore, there is no need to weigh output material. Since there is no residue left inside the machine, the taste of different coffee beans never interfere with others.

Desired output thickness can be adjusted through handle situated on front panel. All types of coffee beans and spices can be easly grinded.



Blade: Steel Wheel
Weight: 45 Kg
Engine Power: 1.1 Kw / 220 V
Case Size: 30x40x80 cm


Coffee: Thin grind 30 kg / hour
Espresso: 50 kg / hour
Black Pepper: Fine grind 40 kg / hour
                         Thick grind 70 kg / hour
Sesame seed,Peanut,Poppy seed,Rice,Lentils:30-60 kg / hour

Maybe you're an Aeropress fan. Maybe you use a vacuum brewer. Or maybe you use a good-old-fashioned automatic coffee machine. (No? Didn't think so.) Regardless of how you brew your coffee, if you're a good coffee snob, you know that how the beans are ground makes all the difference

You will detect 2 variant designs of coffee grinders - burr and blade models.

Initially, blade grinder is the most affordable and the most low-tech coffee grinder generally detected in most shopping centers. Equipped with a motor and a blade, the customer just have to put in the beans, cover the grinder and turn it on

Naturally it impresses with its unique high capacity and its modern technology: 10 seconds per pound! It not only grinds unusually fast, evenly fine and pleasant cool - it works also very quiet. The effective vibration bag shaker device and bag holder with integrated switch and built-in cleaner for residual coffee provide simple handling. This model incorporates all of Mahlkonig's years experience and tradition in building coffee grinders